Tape player and piezo chewer AARON DILLOWAY brings his cackle and loop mania to L.A. for his first solo performance in L.A. in nine years at an end-of-summer fête of the heavy and strange.

With a trail of art and noise damage stretching back to the mid-90s while still a teen, Dilloway became a familiar figure within the underground as an early-era member of Wolf Eyes. Since spiraling off in 2005, he's continued to spew sounds fresh and urgent, chronicling much of the molten path via a constant stream of tape and vinyl on his own Hanson Records imprint, including landmark solo LPs Beggar Master, Modern Jester, and Rotting Nepal. His 2017 outing on Dais Records – The Gag File – brought his singular plunder and freak to the fore, illustrating that Dillo's state-of-play is unbound but can flow comfortably alongside and within strains of classic industrial, heady concrète, and electroacoustic performance. Live actions of course are the crucial currency to us here, and Dilloway's fascinating displays of dead media agility and body theater are the payoff, may we find him seated and rocking above an array of 8-tracks, tape loops, and various electronic skizz – contact mic placed firmly in cheek.

RELAY FOR DEATH descends from the East Bay, as twin sisters Rachal and Roxann Spikula bring the bizarre to the party. Their performances touring the American underground and further down under have incorporated “…trash, prosthetic limbs, motors, totems, field recordings, astrology, food, musique concrète, meditation, costume, and sculpture…” (as duly noted by Adam Keith in Baited Area #1) RFD are also responsible for one of the headier entries in the Hanson Records catalog, Birth Of An Older, Much More Ugly Christ.

A fabled figure in the international noise situation, CARLOS GIFFONI now jumps into a new of cycle of the massive. Following a spate of modular excursions, Giffoni is again using analog devices and digital tools together, busily coding generative structures for ever-novel horizons. Following a quick summer dip into the labs at EMS Stockholm, he returns to the SoCal home zone in September with tones evolving and heavy.

Show opens with THE HATERS, the entropy-obsessed noise troupe that first emerged in the late 70s within the first grindings of industrial culture. Masked – often with associates – GX Jupitter-Larsen has staged scores of performances in turns extreme and absurd. Among the chaos, The Haters have unfurled trashscapes, amplified sandpaper, and scraped the face of a clock. Each outing somehow marking or measuring time. To wit, this gig will – arguably – be The Haters first stage show since 2019.

Your selector for the night is DJ ARB, who shares a parade of discoveries from across the fringes, from exotica and popcorn to counter-culture madness and the haunted avant! She regularly hosts The Arbitrarium and Cha Cha Heels on WFMU, and has previously stirred it up with Cannibal Stew and killer mixes for Lost Discoveries Radio.