THURSDAY, JUNE 20, 2024 



The Los Angeles debut of the astonishing Zoh Amba / Chris Corsano / Bill Orcutt trio.

With improvised expressions that range from brooding meditations to the most fiery Free Jazz, they’ll be performing music à la The Flower School – their critically-acclaimed LP on Orcutt’s own Palilalia Records imprint.

Amidst improvisations and her own compositions, Zoh Amba – the astounding Free Jazz saxophonist from Tennessee – creates a total realm of expression, from somber meditation to long-form ecstatic runs. Pushing the tenor hard, she sends up screams and guttural skronk that make evident the spiritual devotion that inspires them.

Chris Corsano certainly drops jaws with his physical abilities and aesthetic agilities behind the drum kit. But along with the rolls and flurry of percussion are other angles of invention... Corsano's path over two decades has been couched in creative exchange, fiery collaborations that continue to unfurl the Free Jazz flag – such as duos with Paul Flaherty and Joe McPhee, and now Zoh Amba – to latter-day post-genre articulations and obliterations – as with a his projects with Okkyung Lee, Bill Nace, and Bill Orcutt.

Four string guitar shredder Bill Orcutt has obliterated boundaries – and perhaps, on occasion, even music itself – since he exploded into underground consciousness in the 90s with his ferocious post-hardcore total-art unit Harry Pussy. Since rebooting in the late aughts Orcutt’s affinity for electric based Ginn-jazz and Zoot Horn flair has remained, along with a ever-growing ouvre of solo Americana transmutations and original ensemble compositions. Improv sessions and gigs – such as the one afoot here – are a playrground for his threshold push and intuitive collab moves. Come through.

Wild sax ripper Martín Escalante opens the show.