Stoker of psychic fire and punk-lifer Arrington de Dionyso has expanded rock and ethno forms as leader of Old Time Relijun and Malakat Dan Singa. But most recently his obsession and devotion to low register wind instruments, circular breathing, and channelling human hum has taken him on a journey of instrument building and collecting, culminating in a string of performances and recording sessions in Indonesia late last year. Dig this cat who gigs in Java and blows jazz free with gamelans! Whether bringing simmer and klank to a noise show, or flowing free behind his traps in a gallery, drummer Ted Byrnes has been pushing it and pushing himself with a packed calendar of gigs, making a new and compelling case for sound and gesture in a fine art context. This will be the debut duo exchange between these two progressive and idiosyncratic improvisors; Ted's densely packed kit spilling over with his shifting selection of objects, and Arrington throatsinging and blowing through an arsenal of heavy wind: bass clarinet, rare flutes from Sulawesi, Java, and Bali, as well as the "bromiophone" - a reed instrument of his own invention fashioned from PVC pipes.

Like de Dionyso, China Faith Star is an artist and musician from Olympia who works broadly across sound and visions. Inspired by sending messages across water — and literally via the sound of crystal — her Liquid Letters project is a ritual utilizing wind instruments, wine glasses, electronics, and water itself to weave a newly imagined sonic space.

High volume, low end power duo Eloe Omoe has charted a course full of ecstatic crash and dissociative hash. History is always irrelevant when the set starts, as this pair's "high art" maintains only an internal logic of amp worship, electric bass wrangle, and drum tumble.

A vet of Houston's New Music scene, Lucas Gorham is a player's player, equally at home on the rock stage and in the avant-garden. In art settings like this — under his own name — he plays acoustic and steel guitars, exploring a wide gamut of sound, from the pointillized and sparse to the layered and dense. Forward expressions that'll appeal to the contemporary aesthete without belying the warmth of Lucas' deep Texas roots.

Flyer imagery by Arrington de Dionyso
Flyer designed and risograph printed by Tim Leanse
Descriptions by Tim Leanse

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