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Chris Cooper/Bill Nace
Chiara Giovando
Sam Rowell
Ted Byrnes

In many zones of subterranea Chris Cooper is known for his string slinging in broken jazz-rock "noise" band Fat Worm of Error and his live actions of prepped guitar and 'lectronics as Angst Hase Pfeffer Nase. Bill Nace brings a shredder instinct and deft touch to any gig or sesh, as he's done with figures as diverse as Chris Corsano, Aaron Dilloway, and more recently with Kim Gordon, as half of Body/Head. What lucky few know is that Chris and Bill have been spotted as duo in northeastern situations, so as Nace finishes a west coast tour with angeleno Chiara Giovando, and as Cooper arrives to headquarter in L.A., the collab is on.

If you put your ear to the pavement at any auspicious gallery opening or backyard house party you'll see a well worn Odwalla88 shirt sideways. If you untangle metaphors, and you're still looking for the pulse, you'll find it in o88's songs of agit poetry and drumstick triggered electronics. Catch this Baltimore duo on the heels of their CD-R/zine release on The D.A. SPUNT Company label, and on the last night of their winter sojourn to L.A., on Valentine's Day.

Chiara Giovando herself navigated the neural networks of Charm City for a while and for a decade or more has navigated a certain sonic underground, bonding with operators as diverse as Nautical Almanac and Daniel Higgs. Her path has recently culminated in solo performances that have extended violins, electronics, and voice into dimensions unreal. For this winter tour she's got a fresh set of tricks. Come dig her homecoming gig.

Aside from administering the blistering bass rumble of Eloe Omoe, Sam Rowell has a private practice leveraging an analog audio rig and smart lights to conjure nothing less than direct stimulation of the consciousness field. Electro-synesthesia.

Ted Byrnes literally has a battery of things to hit, braze, and rattle. He breaks the bias of hum-drum drum rhythm and pours out granular sound, dashing dots and stacking crackles. He who regularly swings with a stream of improvisers international and local will be flying solo.

Flyer and descriptions by Tim Leanse

show pulled prior to UPEND