TUESDAY, APRIL 16, 2024 



Psychedelic scholar and author Erik Davis visits L.A. with an illustrated talk celebrating the release of Blotter: The Untold Story of an Acid Medium, his latest book published by MIT Press.

This heady event at Zebulon will also feature Davis in conversation with famed blotter collector Mark McCloud of San Francisco’s Institute for Illegal Images.

Copies of Blotter will be available for purchase courtesy of North Figueroa Bookshop.

The first comprehensive written account on the subject, Blotter is a richly illustrated exploration of the history, art, and design of printed LSD blotter paper, the iconic drug delivery device that will perhaps forever be linked to underground psychedelic culture and contemporary street art. Created in collaboration with Mark McCloud's Institute of Illegal Images, the world's largest archive of blotter art, Davis's boldly illustrated exhibition treats his outsider subject with the serious, art-historical respect it deserves, while also staying true to the sense of play, irreverence, and adventure inherent in psychedelic exploration.

This Spring UPEND salon will be soundtracked with selections and counter-culture revelations from DJ ARB.

[Article: Erik Davis in the Paris Review]