Free The Land is an evolving project of change agent Jesse Sanes. A media diary of environmental impressions natural and domestic, it has manifested in print, collage work, soundmap contributions, guerrilla internet performance, and - most recently - as live electronics. Notably more “sit down” and cerebral than the visceral howl and scowl of his solo act Liebestod, this direction pulls field recordings, found sound, and computer speech into a compost of synthesis and free manipulation. For this outing Free The Land convenes as a collaborative trio with Sanes, Frederikke Hoffmeier – who aside from the disquieting dynamics of Puce Mary also collaborates with Sanes in JH1.FS3 – and Nial Morgan who has played it harsh and loose in solo projects Wrong Hole and Race to the Bottom. This performance celebrates the release of ‘“Bedside Ecology” - a multimedia USB drive on Brendan Fowler's 'nontraditional' label DM8H943.

Compile (NY)

Wrought from modern technocracy’s digital residue, Compile first surfaced “as” a cassette issued on Private Archive, an electronic label that seeks to untie the binds of genre and let new modes fill the chasms. Recently Compile has emerged in the flesh as a duo, coaxing current deliberately through circuit pathways and deft knob twists, offering audiences a Rorschach as encouragement to listen harder in this era of surveillance. This will be Compile’s first Los Angeles performance.

Article Collection (SF)

Article Collection is the solo project of Private Archive co-chair Chris Latina, a San Francisco based artist, musician, and programmer. Using a range of tactics - machine listening, nonphysical synthesis, audio visualization - he proffers a full range of sound activation and expression, from focused études to dense assemblages whose detail encourages perceptual acuity and empathetic response. For this, Article Collection’s Los Angeles debut, Latina will present video concurrently with his performance.

Soren Roi (NY)

Soren Roi is a Brooklyn born artist and musician, as well as curator of the performance series Nothing Changes. In the past years he has released a variety of atmospheric and emotive electronic music on labels such as Handmade Birds and Ascetic House. With each release expanding deeper into the world of synthesis, his newest work relies heavily on the use of the modular Eurorack format synth. A gender studies student at Hunter College, Soren connects his methods of synthesis with his studies through discussions of the modular as a "Queer synth." For this performance at LACA, he will utilize its ability to splice frequencies to peel apart ambient tones, and recombine them with glitched computer percussions.

Flyer and descriptions by Tim Leanse
Soren Roi description adapted from artist bio

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