SUNDAY, MARCH 6th 2016



"the economy of two"

WOOD AND METAL (Byrnes/Mumma)
ELOE OMOE (Rowell/Leanse)

Deep listeners have witnessed Greg Kelley deconstruct the trumpet's timbre down to the thinnest splinter; He's blown a lexicon of clicks and whispers in radical 'micro' projects nmperign and The BSC. The heaviest of heads have heard his horn push thresholds amidst seas of guitar squall in Heathen Shame. Hep jazzies have long dug his flourishes of freedom alongside such figures as Joe McPhee, Chris Corsano, and Paul Flaherty – and more recently a raucous quartet with Wally Shoup, Greg Campbell, and Bill Nace. YES! Greg and Bill have been playing together in various improv units for ten years, and have maintained a duo for the past five. Far beyond chops on trumpet and guitar, they have an electric repertoire and a repartee of technique extension – each, quite literally, brings a bag of tricks to each set. Masters of dialogue and dynamics, they are intense with their interplay, at ease abstracting in delicate sound fields, and resilient at full throttle. Nace’s recent activity on the world stage with Body/Head has brought due interest to his Open Mouth imprint and varied collabs, but still: Why here now? Kelley relocated from Boston to Seattle in 2014, Nace is temporarily repairing to L.A. from Northampton. So, as these two players who grew in the fecund underground of Massachusetts both find themselves on the West Coast, they are embarking on a tour up it. This L.A. date will be the duo's first.

Noise-as-genre has foisted a false connotation that such action is inherently electric. No urgency can be expressed quicker than just hitting something. Wood and Metal is the percussion ensemble of kit drummers Ted Byrnes and Charlie Mumma. Like his dual M.O. of serial collab and free improv, Ted's playing itself is multi-valent; he emphatically and empathetically matches his mates' moves. Though Charlie's known for laying waste with a patter of grind in Sissy Spacek and Knelt Rote, what happens here is an open organic flow, present and timeless. (As were the pure percussion forays of the early AACM and ESP era!) Their encounters have been recently documented by the Claimed Responsibility label, and this – the pair's second live meeting – will again remind: DRUMS IS NOISE.

Via visceral vibration and splattered skins, bass and drum duo Eloe Omoe unleash a unified flow of instant composition and perpetual collapse: full-on and free, atonal and arrhythmic. After more than a hundred gigs scattered on the other side of the continental divide and abroad, this long running live unit first emerged in L.A. in the summer of 2014, ready.

Flyer and descriptions by Tim Leanse

show pulled prior to UPEND