SATURDAY, JUNE 30, 2024 



Surprise show. Click quick. Come through.

Inimitable for 25 years, the high-velocity ferocity of Lightning Bolt’s sound has only intensified. Though there are no fixed formulas here, the colossal riffage and tone bend that emanates from Brian Gibson’s bass rig is ever matched by the patterns pounded out amidst swarms of drum hits by Brian Chippendale. Masked in no ordinary way – and with a mic interlaced – the latter sings and shouts gleeful distortions atop of it all. Theirs is a dual intuition that can lock in it, or let it loose. Ephemeral and ecstatic, each Lightning Bolt show is a social architecture where you hear the world change, loudly. It’s the sound of the underground erupting and – in turn – inspiring hundreds of future undergrounds. On their latest Thrill Jockey LP – Sonic Citadel – the Brians navigate novel terrain, comfortably carving out proximate prog, punk moves, and sing song smithery. The crowd-pleasing pummels and frenzies are still core to the program; heavy times require heavy sounds. The USA is indeed a psycho, and Lightning Bolt is proven therapy.

DREAM_MEGA is the sweaty fever dream that is the solo project of Landed’s Joel Kyack wherein he sculpts the heavy via winds, voice, and beats. While last year’s Post Present Medium LP – Last Glacial Maximum – delivered the goods to-go, this Angeleno’s live actions tend to become a playground of new loose grooves and plot twists. Come early to catch the drifts.

Flyer by Brian Chippendale