FRIDAY, APRIL 5th 2019


in Los Angeles


In 2018 Wolf Eyes' Nate Young and John Olson lurched forward again with more than a dose of clarity to pursue an agenda of live collaborations worldwide with friends and fam and no fear of strangers. So maybe not so strangely they also circled around to the beginning, convening UNIVERSAL EYES, a "culmination" of each of their Michigan underground fin de millennium units: Universal Indians – the wide and free detritus corral chaired by Olson and Gretchen Gonzales – and Wolf Eyes – whose membership at the moment of the Y2K bug was Young and Aaron Dilloway.  Dillo also dabbled in the Indians in that heady era, and of course Olson joined the Wolfs as the Indians folded, while Gonzales moved on with the no foolin’ totally coolin’ Slumber Party.

So – flashing-forward – a prelim U.EYE basement meeting last year went weird and just right, soon giving way to live actions midwest and beyond and across the pond. It’s a total excitement vibe as the now Gretchen Gonzales-Davidson brings her stuff-of-legend agit art concepts and instrument cluster to the fore, and though Dilloway has been scorching solo since 2005, his cackle and loop mania persisted in alternate dimension as if it was always bio-sonically available to re-enter the Wolfs’ mix.  Indeed, this quartet of lifers send up a colossal din of dismantled rock and jazz moves and throb on cold and damaged pulse. What’s more, recent outings have seen certain crucial figures invited to the party…

…AND SO joining the Universal Eyes company on her own turf is the then-and-again Angeleno Kim Gordon, a player poised to up the ante of any abstraction or audio expression.  In addition to the epic dual intuition she shares with Bill Nace in Body/Head, Gordon makes a regular practice of music in the moment, via actions with long-time cohorts and first meetings alike – and she has done both deftly in town this past year in duo pairings, reconnecting the dots with Free Kitten mate YoshimiO and in a duo debut with cellist Leila Bordreuil.

The coast is clear, come hear this sonic summit sear.