Joe Potts convenes a rare outing of AIRWAY, a Los Angeles Free Music Society “big band” whose actions now reach back four decades. The group’s initial tears in the sonic fabric documented on the 1979 debut ‘Live at LACE’ LP revealed a saturated expression of sound that contemporaneously inspired avant-noise activity across the oceans from acts like Nurse With Wound and Hijokaidan, and the racket still coaxes the harsh and expansive practitioners of today. Extending Potts’ full-on, everything-on aesthetic, AIRWAY too charts those threshold topographies that approach totality. The din of AIRWAY this time will include three vocalists – Vetza, Maya, and Ama – and a crucial slew of LAFMS players and known associates: Ace Farren Ford, Keith Lubow, John Wiese, Michael T Ruiz, Rick Potts, Fredrik Nilsen, Joseph Hammer, and Tom Recchion.

John Wiese’s sonic incisions and perpetual bricolage have laid a path from the extremities of the American underground, around the earth, and to the studios of Ina-GRM at Radio France – the birthplace of musique concrète. Via a long running practice of recycling sounds from the room recordings of previous performances, he drags the acoustic trace of one space into the next, layering up a dense palimpsest of sound. Or – just as easily – Wiese can diffuse new manipulations and inventions, pulling apart and reconfiguring the core characteristics of traditional instruments such as horns and drums. After nearly two decades of touring and recording as a solo artist, as a serial collaborator, and at the core of the noise-grind-concept act Sissy Spacek, Wiese has been a perennial figure of experimental music activity in Los Angeles and returns to Zebulon for a solo set before joining the din of AIRWAY.

Via electro-acoustic scrape and jump cut, or feeding signals into ecstatic hum, or mulling shards of detritus from previous live action, James Fella is deft at various methods of sonic entanglement. An ever active experimentalist from in Tempe, Arizona, Fella comes to L.A. to share a solo set with Los Angeles to open this auspicious evening. He is also rightly known as the publisher of Gilgongo Records and the core member of the band Soft Shoulder.