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Articulate down to a single vocal cord click, Berlin-based improvisor Audrey Chen hyperextends voice, mining material in between – and beyond – previous utterance. Finding sound via microtones of larynx squeak, blowing wind turbulence with lip-flip flutters, and plumming the corporeal with full throated phonation, Chen also channels an electric flow of tone and pulse accompanying herself on a Ciat Lonbarde synth. Though clearly diverged from staid forms, she thankfully maintains the rigor of her Classical training to service ever-new and of-the-moment free expression! Returning to L.A. for this solo scorcher and hopefully more, Chen has worked with Maria Chavez, Nate Wooley, C. Spencer Yeh, and Martín Escalante among many other players in the field. She also maintains a couple of core duos, regularly parrying with Phil Minton, and playing in Beam Splitter with Norwegian trombonist Henrik Munkeby Nørstebø.


Scouting a new situation with each outing, Nour Mobarak is an artist whose performance practice rarely repeats a scene, though – it could be said, out loud – her voice itself occupies a core presence in her work. Recently Mobarak has investigated the limits of language via a vexing and hyper-personal mode of inquiry: recording conversations with her father, who speaks clearly, but is constrained by a fugue state and a perpetually fleeting memory. Topics progress only so far, before they cycle back or drift away, even as the polylingual pair hop from one tongue to another. As she readies a record that draws from these convos, she also prepares a late 2018 live performance at Human Resources Los Angeles. What it will be, and how we will remember it, may differ from one moment to the next.


Rightly associated with the autonomous zone that is (the) Handbag Factory performance venue and the Seahorse Sound recording studio, Samur Khouja has also long poured the surreal into a solo project called Conscious Summary. This is a sound space where possibilities remain open. As this master of tech patches together an organic array of electronic process, we can access other existential planes via swelling hums and dream of desert sand blowing. Just as easily, auditory incursions of the weird and jagged shock us back into place. Conscious Summary’s latest "Exhaustions" has been issued just this month on Skintrade Recordings.

Flyer and descriptions by Tim Leanse

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