Wednesday May 8th at 9pm

Human Resources
410 Cottage Home Street
Los Angeles, CA 90012

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From their respective bases in Los Angeles and Brisbane, William Basinski and Lawrence English – two crucial figures of ambient music – collaborated remotely, trading and manipulating sonic materials to create an ever fleeting, ever unfolding masterwork: Selva Oscura. Released last year by Temporary Residence Ltd., the album explores a liminal space at the very edge of beholding, at once strange and familiar. The phrase Selva Oscura literally translates “as ‘twilight forest,’ it metaphorically speaks to both those who find themselves on the unfamiliar path and more explicitly the nature of losing one's way in place and time.”

Just after twilight on Wednesday May 8th, the pair convene in the same room in Los Angeles for a rare performance around this cycle, plumming the resonant space of Human Resources with a shifting pallette of sound. Come catch their perpetual drift.