Release Celebration for Behavior’s Spirits and Embellishments

Behavior is three-piece band from Los Angeles whose roots in hardcore have evolved through deft art-punk and into pop asymmetries. This concert celebrates the release of their 3rd LP Spirits & Embellishments on the venerated Los Angeles label Post Present Medium. Key takeaways from the album’s announcement include thoughts on 1) Their collaboration: ”…a shifting ad hoc agreement, organized around a permissive sensibility that is anchored to consistency of image rather than genre myopia.” and 2) Songs on this new record: “They were conceived with irreverence for the distinction between Crass and The Rolling Stones, to leverage the evaporating space of antagonism between first wave post-punk and its commercially unambivalent counterparts.”

Whether whispered or howled, her voice swims in a sea of drenched guitar. An electric folk music that sometimes seems of another time, until it creeps up on you that that time is now. Syko Friend – the solo project of Los Angeles based artist, musician, poet, and publisher Sophie Weil – riffs on intimacy and immediacy. A new full length release will coming in 2020 on Post Present Medium.

Via actions at noise shows and PAs at later-night raves, Michael DeMaio makes precarity music, His hardware based jams are grounded in barren stretches of distort, with a roughness present in his semi-kiltered rhythmic discursions as well as the infectious and insistent beats “for the floor.” DeMaio has released on Opal Tapes and Music for Downers, with more coming shortly.

Johann Mun is your audio selector interstitially and into the night.