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Rotary ECT


Eric Copeland [Black Dice – Palma, Spain]

With his mischievous sense of adventure firmly intact, Black Dice’s Eric Copeland visits L.A. to celebrate DFA's release of his latest LP – Trogg Modal Vol 2, an affair whose “tracks pulse with thick layers of percussion, melodic fever dreams, and riffs wrung through a taffy puller…continuing to showcase Eric’s ability to recontextualize 4/4 tracks as psychedelic contortions.”

fm (flaccid mojo)
mems Black Dice - Los Angeles, CA

Bjorn and Aaron from Black Dice let their sandbox spill into the live realm, a zone of total vibe and discovery. Their relentless, infectious momentum is a launch pad for first-time moves and real-time psychedelic collage, oft matched and wrapped in the rapid fire technicolor visuals of Dice vid wiz Danny Perez.

Rotary ECT [anòmia - Los Angeles, CA]

Self-described as “built autogenerating electroconvulsive models” Rotary ECT offers a real-time PA simultaneously generating audio and video. Abstract cybernetics via maxed out Max peripatetics! L.A. based Christopher Reid Martin is a known figure in the sometimes occluded networks of obscurantist sonics. (Shelter Death, Ida Meridiana, etc.) Rotary ECT’s first holdable release was issued just last year by the Barcelona-based multi-media imprint anòmia.

Posca Drawing by Eric Copeland