A Slide Lecture by Daniel Paul

followed by further out sounds spun by Jimi Hey

Zebulon Concert Café


Far out in the high desert sits the Integratron, a mysterious and curious white dome structure designed and built by George Van Tassel and Howard Peyton Hess in Landers, California. Dating to 1956, with modifications continuing until Van Tassel’s death in 1978, the story of the Integratron is intertwined with that of Van Tassel – an aerospace industry veteran and Howard Hughes’ personal test flight inspector – who sighted UFOs, channeled beings from other dimensions, and sought nothing less than to extend human life-span. Inspired by aircraft hanger design – and his own theories about anti-gravity, magnetism, and static electricity – Van Tassel intended the structure to function as a human-cell regenerator, with additional capabilities of anti-gravity and time travel.

In this illustrated talk, Daniel Paul – who wrote the successful nomination to have the structure added to the National Register of Historic Places – delves into to design of this “Life Extension Machine” and situates the fascinating story of Van Tassel and the Integratron within the mélange of California’s rich 20th century history of esotericism and ufology.

A student of the vernacular and the weird, architectural historian Daniel Paul brings a head's sensibility to research pursuits across the vast text that is the built environment of Southern California. He has lectured on Miss Velma at the Ye Olde Hushe Clubbe, spoken about Mirror Glass architecture at Los Angeles Contemporary Archive, and focused preservation efforts for Bottle Village and the Integratron.

Your deejay for this interdimensional salon and into the night is Jimi Hey.