JOHN WIESE (Gilgongo, Helicopter - Cleveland, OH)

John Wiese’s digital incisions and perpetual bricolage have laid a path from the extremities of the American underground, around the earth, and to the studios of Ina-GRM at Radio France – the birthplace of musique concrète. Via a long running practice of recycling sounds from the room recordings of previous performances, he drags the acoustic trace of one space into the next, layering up a dense palimpsest of sound. Or – just as easily – Wiese can diffuse new manipulations and inventions, pulling apart and reconfiguring the core characteristics of traditional instruments such as horns and drums. After nearly two decades of touring and recording as a solo artist, as a serial collaborator, and at the core of the noise-grind-concept act Sissy Spacek, Wiese has been a perennial figure of experimental music activity in Los Angeles, but early last year found a new headquarters in the city of Cleveland, Ohio. This is his first local solo headline performance since.

JAKE MEGINSKY (Open Mouth, NNA Tapes - Northampton, MA)

Jake Meginsky is a rarefied percussionist who can embrace, eschew, or simply chew on rhythm. Jake's tour rig may now be a shuffle of bits and bytes, but his instincts as a hitter-of-things are intact. His digital concrète has opened the possibility of a spectralized batterie: recombining elements into a new flow, or – just as easily – reducing them to crackle. Jake has rattled, pulsed, and swung with a set of collaborators wild and diverse including Bill Nace, Alvin Lucier, Joan La Barbara, Greg Kelley, Joe McPhee, Paul Flaherty, and John Truscinski. He is also a filmmaker, having just completed a new feature documentary about a key collaborator and mentor: Milford Graves Full Mantis.

(iDEAL Recordings)

JH1.FS3 is the duo of Frederikke Hoffmeier and Jesse Sanes. Though each figures heavily in the now-generation of power electronics – as Puce Mary and Leibestod respectively – JH1.FS3 delineates a more subtle “cinema of the ear.” Here, their words are spoken amidst a savvy re-assembly of 20th century avant-sonics: music concrète, technique extension, and pure electronic sound. Indeed, their live sets - and their Loyalty LP on Sweden's iDEAL Recordings - utilize hypnotic material they synthesized while in residence at Stockholm's Elektronmusikstudion EMS and hi-res field recordings that they somehow managed to smuggle out of REM sleep.

Ellen Phan
(Bánh Mì Verlag)

Dithered out over the country are those that know what flows when Ellen Phan’s face is lit by her laptop screen: cascades of concrète and jagged valleys of squelch, with an intention set to nothing less than brainwave state change. This will be her first L.A. performance since the release of her debut Ideomotor Response on the Queens, NY based label Bánh Mì Verlag.

Flyer and descriptions by Tim Leanse

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