UPEND presents

Leather Slave
Pure Shit

Doors at 8pm

Zebulon Café Concert
2478 Fletcher Drive
Los Angeles, CA 90039



LANDED is a notorious noise-rock band founded in Providence Rhode Island in 1997. A key part of the Fort Thunder era of threshold pushing sound and performance, Landed has released their cacophonic stew via a slew of records on labels such as Load Records and Vermiform. Famous for mutating line-ups and instrument switches, they’ve notably remained intact as they are now bi-coastal. This summer they put it on the line in Los Angeles with a unit comprised of Joel Kyack, Shawn Greenlee, Matt Johnson and Scott Martin, and wildman vocalist Dan St. Jacques.


A sort of anti-institution of underground rock in Los Angeles, Leather Slave only crop up under certain unguessable circumstances to spout their spiel of transgression and taboo. Sure, you could keep saying they blah like the Brainbombs, but it doesn’t mean you got the riddle fully figured out. (Yes, the groove and squall continue until each song and any morals left seem to be totally falling apart.) Their recorded testament exists on Video Disease and Permanent Records.

Channeling hardcore-as-expression via a trio of tight bass and drums attack with a mic swinging screamer feeding back, all in lead positions, together: no back seats here. Pure Shit is always all-out, cutting the signal. Beyond hype, beyond god.


Painting by Joel Kyack