Friday August 9th at 9pm

(Bjorn and Aaron from Black Dice)
Eloe Omoe
Noise Nomads

DJ Ethan Swan

doors at 9
sound at 10
bring a 10

This show is going down in the warehouse-turned-dreamspot that is the third location of NON PLUS ULTRA.

contact for address

A second L.A. go-round for LANDED, the – yes – legendary noise-rock unit that congealed in Providence at the end of the last century, and still hella robust as of just last night. A key part of the Fort Thunder era of threshold pushing sound and performance, Landed has released their cacophonic stew via a slew of records on labels such as Load Records and Vermiform. Famous improvisational excursions that push the boundary of genre, they’ve thankfully remained intact as a bi-coastal operation. This summer they put it on the line in Los Angeles with a unit comprised of Joel Kyack, Shawn Greenlee, Matt Johnson, Scott Martin, and wildman vocalist Dan St. Jacques. At Non Plus Ultra they'll be bringing their full freak and so should you!

Bjorn and Aaron from Black Dice let their sandbox spill into the live realm, a zone of total vibe and discovery. Their relentless, infectious momentum is a launch pad for first-time moves and real-time psychedelic collage, matched and wrapped in the rapid fire technicolor visuals of Dice vid wiz Danny Perez.

Via visceral vibration and splattered skins, bass and drum duo Eloe Omoe break a hiatus, unleashing a unified flow of instant composition and perpetual collapse: full-on and free.

primal electro-acoustics and bonescrape anti-thetics.
from celebrated harsh/anti noise artist jeff hartford

Your deejay for the night is vinyl digger and punk aesthete