VIDEO WORKS 2010-2017


Known widely for his psychedelic album cover art – and deeply for his own underground sounds – Robert Beatty has also spent this decade stretching the fabric of the moving image. Via abstract animations that op and pop, and live action apparently processed through an alternate reality filter, he has created a body of short art films and music videos that blur the line between analog artifact and digital method. This ambiguity is intrinsic to the era-less weirdness that spans all Beatty's work, and here it openly refers to and riffs on the history of experimental cinema itself, dialing in the saturated color and cosmic gaze of Jordan Belson's Visual Music and continuing Stan Vanderbeek's exploration of the elasticity of video and electronic media.

A program of Beatty's videos has been presented at Anthology Film Archives in New York, and his video work has been commissioned by 21c in Lexington, Kentucky – his hometown.

Beatty has designed and contributed key imagery to album covers for Ariel Pink, Thee Oh Sees, Drugdealer, The Flaming Lips, Tame Impala, and Kesha. He has recorded and performed music under his own name, and as Three Legged Race.

Video Work 2010-2017

01. Landline (2011) 5.5 min
02. China Bull (2011) 3 min // Music video for Three Legged Race.
03. Resonant Hole - Mirror School (2010) 2 min // Music Video For Jeanne Vomit-Terror
04. Resonant Hole - Weeding The Garden (2010) 2.5 min // Music Video For The Appearants
05. Resonant Hole - What Is A Hole? (2011) 17 min
06. Six Space Shuttles And 144,000 Elephants (2013) 7 min // Music Video For Lonnie Holley
07. Egg Timer (2015) 2.5 min
08. Cracked Screen Test (2016) 3.5 min
09. Floodgate Companion Trailer (2016) <1min
10. Jornada Inteira (2017) 4.5 min // Music video for On Fillmore
11. Lengua Larga (2017) 4 min // Music video for Helado Negro
12. Bifurcated Passthrough (2017) 3.5 min
13. Against The Light (2017) 5 min // Music video for Attempt

Flyer by Robert Beatty
Description by Tim Leanse

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