Slide show with Roger Steffens


The Family Acid is a project that sifts through the archives of over 40 years of photography by Roger Steffens. Via the essential instagram feed @thefamilyacid thousands have become familiar with his decades of countercultural curiosity, as well as the artistry of his psychedelic double exposures.

An epic new book – The Family Acid: California, published by Ozma Records – focuses on images taken and made in our visionary state, and the gamut is deep and wide. Snapshots from many a bohemia, forest revelries, and reggae festivals, intersperse fluidly with “hallucinatory sunsets, and expansive mountain vistas.” With an eye for the urban zeitgeist, Steffens also captured vernacular street imagery of Los Angeles’ billboards, murals, and graffiti. At it’s heart is his family’s life in Silver Lake and Echo Park (where they’ve lived since the 70s) and their trips away… “Family vacations took the foursome up and down the West Coast, from the gritty glam of Hollywood’s Sunset Strip to reggae festivals in Humboldt, fiery protests in Berkeley to the ancient redwoods of Big Sur and the wilds of Death Valley. Along the way, they’d rendezvous with likeminded freaks, artists, musicians, and writers…” such as Timothy Leary, Bob Marley, and Fela Kuti.

For this special event Steffens will give a slide-presentation of key images from the book, and share the stories that go with them.

An ebullient and perennial figure of Los Angeles’s cultural landscape, Roger Steffens is the world’s leading reggae historian, and author of So Much Things to Say: The Oral History of Bob Marley. He has been taking photographs since the early 1960s, documenting his unorthodox life and experiences. In 2013, his children Devon and Kate began scanning his slides and negatives and posting them to Instagram, accompanied with stories and historical information related to each photo.

Books will be available for sale at the event.

Cover design by Seen Studio and Robert Beatty