THURSDAY, JULY 25th 2019




This is Not This Heat return to L.A. for one of their final performances.

"Although widely considered to be Post-Punk’s finest, This Heat actually began performing their music in the early days of London’s punk era. Within their two albums and an EP they perfected a strange and volatile new strain of avant-garde rock that time has proved to be massively influential, a blueprint for much that would follow: post-rock, math rock, homemade musique concrète, experimental electronica…..

"Exactly 40 years to the day of their first gig in 1976 the two surviving members (Hayward and Bullen) of the original three came together, with a large group of collaborators, to perform expanded versions of the recordings. Conceived solely as a two night residency at Café Oto, under the project title of THIS IS NOT THIS HEAT, it sold out in a matter of hours with fans travelling from as far as Japan.  An invitation from the Barbican followed along with countless offers from around the world.  A touring band distilled in early 2017 leading to selective performances at major festivals and venues in the UK, Europe, USA and Japan with unfaltering fervent acclaim from critics and audiences alike.

"Ahead of their time, This Heat’s music sounds as startlingly original and relevant, live and on record, as the day it was created, but – in the words of Charles Hayward – 'moving forward has always been deep inside the music and we need to resolve that contradiction. Now.'

Consequently THIS IS NOT THIS HEAT will play their very last dates this July on their third and final trip to the US."


Extended Organ is a cauldron of abstraction and avant-weirdness from a cadre of venerated art makers and sound experimenters associated with the Los Angeles Free Music Society: Fredrik Nilsen, Joe Potts, Tom Recchion, Paul McCarthy, and Alex Stevens. Vibe – Extended Organ's first LP in nearly 20 years – is released this month on Important Records. The Los Angeles Free Music Society is a loosely-knit group of artists that first coalesced in the 70s in permutations of collaboration, embracing improvisation and experimentation and well as DIY modes of production.


Behavior is three-piece band from Los Angeles whose roots in hardcore – and Los Angeles' all-ages show culture – have evolved through deft art-punk and into pop asymmetries. Their 3rd LP Spirits and Embellishments will be released this Fall by venerated Los Angeles art-punk label Post Present Medium.